Our Background

SIF International has started its journey since 2004 as agent of Industrial & Medical gases, LPG & numerous trading business serving different industry verticals like FMCG, automobile, telecommunication, life Science, home appliance, numerous project and infrastructure by steering its founder members who are the visionary and philanthropist. Over the years the small entrepreneur quickly becomes a driven and dynamic business partner in the local market. Under the successful leadership of SIF Incorporation business team, it has evolved into the name of integrity & faith in national and international surroundings with an extensive range. We always serve the client with tailor-made solutions and we always onward with providing tailor-made solutions.

With a focus on B2B relationships, we always try to understand the unique requirements and demands of businesses in various sectors. We collaborate with industries such as manufacturing, trading business, agrobusiness, food Processing, poultry & dairy farming, exporting, importing, distributorship,3rd party agents & logistics solutions and supplementary services including contractor to take part in tender process to provide bespoke solutions.

Our B2C services aim to make accessible and convenient for residential, commercial, and small-scale users. SIF Incorporation has experienced tremendous growth since it started and received massive response as preferred vendors to the various reputed industry. We uphold the highest quality standards and differentiate in the marketplace through strong industry knowledge and excellent service.

Our experts work closely with the stockholder to assess specific customer needs and deliver customized products and services that meet customer potentials and sometimes exceed expectations.

Most of the team members of SIF International have long experience working with various global and multinational companies. We encourage customers to always comply with applicable country laws, health, safety and environmental issues. Our approach to different industries is unique and distinctive. We believe in sustainable business development.

SIF International Ltd is a global leader in the industrial gas manufacturing industry. With advanced production facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and a commitment to excellence, the company delivers high-quality gases to meet the diverse needs of industrial sectors worldwide. SIF International’s comprehensive product portfolio, strong focus on research and development, and dedication to environmental sustainability make it a trusted partner for industrial customers.

Discover the heart of SIF International Ltd and how we're driving industries forward with integrity and faith.